Thursday, July 24, 2014

Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy: Who Controls the Nukes and the Gold??

Subtitle: Fractals in Economic Theory

Now that REAL WORLD events have shown just how much US of A's Government's is CURRUPT, I can only state: “Told You”. It is no mystery why other Countries are able to challenging a much weaker US (and EU). There is NO US of A Constitution: The US Supreme Court made sure of this. They totally ignore the fraudulent behavior of Fannie and Freddie hence the corruption of the White House and Congress. In the case of the EU: the Fraudulent behavior of countries governments, such as Spain and Greece, to commit Fraud to get in the EU.

Perry (R) {Texas Gov and the Republicans} has created a crises that is allowing them to deploy troops. The US of A is heading toward a Civil War. This is to be expected because the US of is in advanced stages of decay.

Why The World Is Spinning Into Crisis Everywhere

To understand that, you need to revisit an influential article published in Foreign Affairs in 2008 by Richard Haass. It’s called “The Age of Nonpolarity,” and Haass wrote it as he was advising presidential candidates behind the scenes in both parties.

Now the world faced a free-for-all in which “non-state actors” -- terrorists, global corporations, religious and ethnic tribes, sovereign wealth funds and nonprofit charities, to name a few -- were as crucial as countries in shaping the order of a “nonpolar” world.

Read it yourself.

The disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street cane be seen by a few data points.
The real world needs cash to by goods and services. GDP is Fraudulent data being used to “Fleece Clients' Base”.
Tax Stuff from:
GDP from:
First Column is Year

Second Column is Wages and Salaries as reported in US of A's GDP  line 3 (Personal Income Part)
(in Billions of Dollars)

Third Column is Wages and Salaries as reported by IRS
 (in Thousands of Dollars)

2012 $7,0886.6 $6,457,003,190
2011 $6,683.2 $6,161,526,961
2010 $6,408.2 $5,920,186,109
2009 $6,270.3 $5,797,103,468
2008 $6,550.9 $6,022,463,633

2007 $6,421.7 $5,936,291,341

2006 $6,068.9 $5,578,112,649
2005 $5,701.0 $5,236,515,411
2004 $5,425.7 $4,977,868,690
2003 $5,139.6 $4,696,501,144
2002 $4,997.3 $4,594,558,226
2001 $4,952.2 $4,611,431,462
2000 $4,827.7 $4,494,476,409
1999 $4,460.0 $4,173,901,611
1998 $4,181.6 $3,894,442,329
1997 $3,876.6 $3,636,547,837

1996 $3,616.3 $3,376,871,545
1995 $3,418.0 $3,201,456,569
1994 $3,230.8 $3,026,777,706
1993 $3,076.6 $2,892,120,390
1992 $2,973.5 $2,805,703,266
1991 $2,814.5 $2,674,260,752
1990 $2,741.1 $2,599,401,271

I cut the data off at 1997 because this is the year Fannie and Freddie began their fraudulent behavior.
(Note: I included a few more years)
Illegal Substitution of Land that Produced No Output for Wages and Salaries. I'm looking at the M1 Seasonally Adjusted ( the “noise” and the dip around 1996):

Cash is all accounted for: (Real Data can be downloaded) from

Physical products crossing the border is the privy data of US of A's Customs.

In general, there is no “Real Noise” in the data. Some agency has the real data.

The US of A has gone from chaos (sensitive to initial conditions {too much error in the wages and salaries, the real economy},
aperiodic {US of A has become a Fascist Nation at War with a Socialist Nation (Civil War)
but, bounded evolution {Society has a tendency to revisit disastrous behavior at the “Large Scale Population” point of reference) into anarchy (reaction to fraudulent information).

As this meager selection illustrates “The US of A's citizens will be in “Bloody Civil War” because data is being fraudulently represented by those who want to bolster their greed by “Proving the Opposition is Wrong” and/or “Proving We are Right” and/or “I Deserve a Generous Bonus”.

               To Be Continued???

Viva La Revolucion!!!!
Naa, considering how corrupt Wall Street and this organized crime ring are, it'll be more like a Military Coup.