Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy: Arms Race

Subtitle: If I had the money I would buy Gold, Silver, Gun and Ammo stocks, copper , lead and in general anything that has to do with making fire arms, IEDs and piano wire for those well stocked , angry mobs. The angry mob will not be after Justice it'll be Revenge!!!!

Oh, look, Republicans can bring loaded and concealed weapons to the RNC convention. Better hurry and get the above items.

May 1, 2012 in Idaho Potlatch aiming for gun companies Former lumber town sees new opportunity
Becky Kramer The Spokesman-Review Tags:ammunition company town David Brown guns Latah Economic Development CouncilmanufacturingpotlatchPotlatch Corp.

Potlatch, Idaho, a former timber town tucked up against the Clearwater National Forest, hopes to use its history and culture to recruit a new kind of business: gun manufacturers.
Inspiration struck when ammunition manufacturer PNW Arms relocated from Issaquah, Wash., to an area two miles north of Potlatch.

Guns just seemed like a natural fit, said Gary White, a marketing consultant working with city officials and Potlatch Corp., which still owns the mill site.

“There’s money in there hills” which everybody wants a piece. Rush Now before the Federal Reserve Note is worthless and you will need gold and silver to make purchases that are not regional. That’s right folks, a break down of commerce due to the collapse of this worthless government will force people back into regional resources like coal, wind and hydro-electric power. The oil companies will collapse because their customer base is out of reach. If the oil companies tried to create a monopoly their sells will plunge due to price inflation and highway robbery. The only law west of the east coast and east of the west coast is a gun.

Chaos reigns: Don Obama should have prosecuted the banks. The Republicans are not protecting the Free Market they are protecting traders in the oil pits and over the counter derivatives. Let's face it: the Republicans believe that Capitalism and the Free Market are the same. What planet are they from???? China allows ownership, like auto manufacturing plants (capitalism). Yet, they Command (not a Free Market) Chinese manufacture get 50%(??) of the market. Democrats are just Spineless, Yellowbelly Crooks.

We're caught in the frying pan with the Organised Crime Ring formerly known as the US government and the firey pits of Hell known as the Fascist government of Romney. We will never submit to Romney's Police State.

Viva La Revolucion!!!!
Naa, considering how corrupt Wall Street and this organized crime ring are, it'll be more like a Military Cou.